Please not you are filling in this Risk Assessment for the full crew and any hazards noted must be shared and agreed

I have the required PPE, Minimum = Face mask, Gloves, Safety shoes, Hi-vis... If on site = Face mask, Gloves, Safety shoes, Hi-vis, Glasses, Long sleeve top, trousers.

Tick any Hazard Hazard = anything that has the potential to cause harm, such as working at height, chemicals, slip and trip hazards. Do not proceed if you are not happy doing so and contact the office


Maximum size 10MB

Only tick if you have evaluated and ar happy the access route is safe to proceed, If ticked I have not checked, do not proceed and call the office

Click to agree you are fully trained in use of the equipment ticked above

Click to acknowledge the lifting equipment you have ticked has a LOLER certificate and is in test

You have read any instructions provided, you have moved the object before or you have a good understanding of how to dismantle or erect the object, you are happy to proceed safely.

Tick to agree you have covered and protected the floor or stairs

Only click I am happy to proceed if you have completed this for form and it is safe to proceed, If you have a hazard or a risk you have assess and are not happy to proceed with, contact the Operations Manager on 020 8827 0174 and do not proceed until given guidance.

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